Debt Review
For many South Africans facing debt problems, this is the number one sought-after solution they look for, to solve their problems.
As a Registered Financial Services Provider, we offer a fresh, modern, 21st century approach, with very real workable solutions.
Facing debt problems means your Finances are ill or sick. Have you ever had the situation where you feel Physically ill or sick but you just carry on with your busy life, hoping you will just come right? Then one day you finally visit the Doctor and he gives you some tablets and the next day you feel Better. You then wonder why you struggled all the time without getting help.
The same is true of the clients Finances.
Our team of Financial Experts will do what the doctor did. Examine and analyse his total Financial situation, and demonstrate how his finances can “Get Better Soon.”
This process has no effect, negatively or positively, on your credit rating. Most South Africans facing debt problems sadly have unhealthy credit ratings already.
We have noticed that the majority of people are embarrassed and reluctant to discuss negative financial matters. You too may feel this way. We totally respect this, however ignoring a very real problem will not make it go away.
But to put it simply it is procedure of using a registered financial provider, to restructure your debt repayments into a more affordable and sustainable instalment.
Our request is that you allow us to do a Financial Analysis on your situation. Its free and there is no Obligation. Let us show you that you can have up to R4 000.00 per month back in your pocket, and then we can discuss the way forward.
We offer a fresh, modern, 21st century approach, with very real solutions.