Debt Consolidation
Are your debt repayments drowning you?
Would consolidating all your repayments into one payment help?
Have you been declined by several debt consolidation companies?
Will a consolidation loan make your life more convenient?
Talk to us about consolidating your debt.
Tired of being charged upfront fees, only to be declined.
Is being blacklisted stopping you from accessing needed additional money?
If at one point in your life you were very sick?
Does this mean you always have to be sick?
The same question can be applied to your finances.
We can help you even if you’re backlisted.
Along with the loan application we will do a free financial analysis.
As this seems to be a rosy solution to their current issue of having to pay multiple creditors at month end. In some instances, a lower interest rate can be acquired from your credit provider on your consolidation loan. But given the vast amount of shady debt consolidation companies available, these companies would obviously aim to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. A common tactic of these debt consolidation firms is to hide fees and penalties from the consumer thus only plunging them deeper into debt and no closer to being debt free.
As a Registered Financial Services Provider, we offer a fresh, modern, 21st century approach, with very real workable solutions.
As a Register Financial Services Provider we offer you a guarantee that we will work with you until we find a workable solution for you on the following conditions.
You have a South African ID
You have a permanent Job or Income
You give us accurate information
Our Guarantee is:
No Upfront Fees
No Empty Promises
Our Team of Financial Experts provide a free financial assessment.
We will also help you to Reworking your Budget. What does that mean.
If you were sick, and week after week you just weren’t getting better, you would simply go to the doctor. In matters regarding your medical health you seek professional help. Now when it comes to your financial health, what prevents most of us from seeking the advice of a professional? Sadly, the answer is Pride.
Our Team of Financial Experts will help you to end the struggle of constantly looking for different loan providers. Say no to being Broke